The artist

Romy Shiner

Based in the south west of the UK, Romy creates using lino cuts, drawings, collage, things found in nature, paintings and photography. She also creates through performance and using words with poetry and other creative writing.


The designs featured on the unique products  on the RomsArt Store on Etsy are all taken from prints of original artwork by Romy.

Not liking to be restricted by only using  certain mediums, she uses anything she comes across to create, and sees ways of creating in every part of daily living. 

She feels she has no choice but to be creative; as a form of meditation, a way to be present, to just be, and knows that creativity, nature and her growing interest in ritual is absolutely necessary for her wellbeing.


Having been diagnosed with the chronic illness, Myalgia Encephalomyelitis (ME), Romy had to make huge life changes. Forced to leave her working life in the charitable and non-profit sector, she  knew she needed to create more to heal from the therapeutic benefits, so sought creative classes. She ultimately enrolled, as a mature student, on a Creative Arts Therapies Studies degree.

Having graduated, she now facilitates Arts & Health projects and workshops for people from all walks of life, under the guise of Bring into Being, and is involved in various capacities in wider creative projects, including I am All Stories.

Art Qualifications:

Fine Art College Diploma, Carmarthen School of Art - 1992

Creative Arts Therapies Studies Degree, Plymouth University - 2019